Lamborghini Countach [SADISTIC]


It can be argued that all hypercars today share a common ancestor: the Lamborghini Countach, one on the planet's most-shocking cars ever conceived, an exercise in extravagant excess. Too loud, too flat, too low, too extreme; too much rubber, too much power, too many scoops, too ostentatious, too outrageous. It's the automotive equivalent of the Sex Pistols. Raw, belligerent, felonious, sadistic. But being bad can feel pretty good and sometimes nothing succeeds like excess.

Each hand-signed 22 x 17" Giclee canvas print is individually produced by the artist utilizing professional imaging technologies and methods. As a result of meticulous standards, the Giclee retains a beautiful painterly quality that preserves minute and subtle tints, blends and detail of the artist's original acrylic-on-canvas painting. The meticulous reproduction process and the use of archival pigments and museum-quality canvas produce a stunning piece that could easily be mistaken for an original.

(Frame in pictures is shown for reference only).

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