1971 Ducati 500GP


Ducati’s chief designer, Fabio Taglioni, began development of the 500 GP twin after Ducati's 750GT entered production. This machine shared many design features with the 750 street bike and Taglioni used the 500 GP bike for further development of the 750. Both SOHC and DOHC cylinder head versions were experimented with, including two and four valve per cylinder variants. Dr. T also experimented with fuel injection alternatives to carburetors.

Ultimately six 500 GP machines were built and raced during 1971-73. These bikes turned in some good results when raced by Phil Read and others, and proved capable of beating all but the mighty MV-3 works bikes in the 500 GP class.

Each hand-signed canvas print is individually printed by the artist on Epson Canvas utilizing professional imaging technologies and methods. The meticulous reproduction process and the use of archival pigments and museum-quality canvas (estimated to last 400+ years) produces a stunning print frequently mistaken for an original.

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